The ‘Aromanordic’ Inhaler is Packaged in Natural Wood

The ‘Aromanordic’ inhaler has been designed by Puchong Khampiman for APAUL as a portable aromatherapy tool for those seeking out a way to enjoy relaxation from anywhere.

The aromatherapy device maintains a naturalistic design that’s achieved with scrap rubberwood and boasts an internal unit that’s easily refillable or replaceable.

The wooden material allows the aroma of the oils and herbs inside the tool, while the replaceable scent capsules come in several varieties including Borneol, Camphor, Eucalyptus and Menthol.

The ‘Aromanordic’ inhaler was showcased at the Slow Hand Design Exhibition and identifies how aromatherapy is becoming more broadly accepted by consumers as a way to maintain wellness.

The compact design of the inhaler allows for storage almost anywhere for use even during the most hectic schedules.