This Modern Synthesis Compostable Fabric is Made with Microbes

This Modern Synthesis compostable fabric has been developed by the company as a textile that’s grown rather than conventionally manufactured to give it an inherently natural profile.

The fabric works by being woven and will grow thanks to the incorporation of microbes to achieve a nanocellulose material. This gives it a profile that’s strong yet lightweight and can be grown in any shape or form desired for maximum functionality.

The Modern Synthesis compostable fabric was explained in a report saying, “At the end of the day, we’re trying to build a circular manufacturing system with these microbes.

That enables us to leverage agricultural waste, use the microbes as manufacturing units, and transfer them into more viable materials.

On the flip side, we see the opportunity to have new-class materials that are fully cellulosic so we can recycle them back into silos and recycling stream.”