Amogy Raised $46 Million to Develop Zero-Emission Fuels

Amogy is a Brooklyn-based science tech startup focused on creating zero emission solutions for the mobility sector at large.

The company has recently raised $46 million USD in a round of funding from numerous high-profile investors, which it will use to develop several types of clean energy solutions.

Firstly, Amogy will focus on creating ammonia-based fuel solutions for maritime transportation.

The largest, and perhaps most effective initiative at reducing GHG emissions across the board, though, is Amogy’s hydrogen-based fuel cell. This fuel cell will be zero-emissions and capable of powering everything from small cars to full-size cargo trucks.

The company stated that one of the largest challenges of rolling out hydrogen as a primary fuel source is its portability, as it is inconvenient and challenging to transport hydrogen across long distances. This is where ammonia comes into play again, as Amogy believes ammonia is an energy-efficient way to store and move hydrogen, making it more suitable as a primary fuel source.