The Cirotta Case Protects Sensitive Information on a Mobile Device

The ‘Cirotta Case’ is a new mobile phone case created by Shlomi Erez and his son Eran Erez in Israel. The phone case has a long list of features that are optimized for the safety and security of the user.

For example, the case can physically block the speaker or camera of the phone, making it impossible for hackers to use these features for intrusive actions.

What is more interesting than the physical blocking, though, is the case’s ability to restrict digital access to features as well. The device, when powered on, can ensure the phone’s GPS, network connection, microphone, and more, are scrambled using specialized security algorithms that prevent external sources from accessing this information. On top of this, the phone can be used normally by the owner, as the case only interferes with external sources, not the phone’s function itself.

The Cirotta Case retails for approximately $200 USD and is designed for high-profile individuals who require extensive security such as military or government personnel.