The SeaClear Project Cleans the Ocean Floor Without Human Input

The SeaClear project is a new scientific venture from an EU research firm. At its core, SeaClear is a set of automated robots powered by artificial intelligence that are designed to retrieve plastic waste from the ocean floor.

The SeaClear system is comprised of a boat, a drone, two robots, and a basket.

Each robot, including the drone and the boat, are powered by an advanced artificial intelligence that allows the system to automatically seek out debris in the ocean.

With the SeaClear project, the development team is hoping to accelerate the process of cleaning the ocean while simultaneously reducing the number of human deaths associated with the job. Traditionally, ocean-cleaning is a process that involves a large amount of human labor.

However, SeaClear could potentially be scalable if it is proven to be effective, which would significantly reduce the amount of dangerous situations humans face while cleaning the ocean.