The Abacus Electric Tram Features in the Future Mobility Competition

Lea Haats, Erik Mantz-Hansen, and Konstantin Wolf want to revolutionize public transport with their proposal for the Abacus electric tram.

The designers submitted this highly innovative concept to Dezeen’s Future Mobility Competition powered by Arrival and it was selected as one of the finalists.

Haats, Mantz-Hansen, and Wolf believe that their electric tram design will reduce commute times and improve the connection between populated areas in northern Germany.

In addition to being a sustainable public transit option because of its reliance on electricity, the Abacus electric tram is also envisioned “to run on repurposed railway routes.”

Passengers will be able to hail the electric tram with a simple gesture of waving and the vehicle will operate on a “hop-on, hop-off system.”