Bosch Showcased the Upcoming ‘Bosch ABS’ Component at Eurobike 2022

Bosch showcased its upcoming flagship anti-lock braking system component, the Bosch ABS system. The Bosch ABS system is designed to prevent brakes from locking up in a variety of situations, such as when braking at high speeds or while traveling downhill.

According to Bosch, approximately 29% of accidents that occur on e-bikes could be prevented with the use of ABS systems.

The Bosch ABS system will be added on a variety of upcoming e-bikes from several different manufacturers in the coming years. However, Bosch did not specify which bikes will include this system at launch.

The system is expected to cost approximately $700 USD, meaning it will increase the cost of e-bikes that feature it by approximately this amount.

Lastly, Bosch stated that its ABS system will initially launch in the European market in 2022, and the product will reach the United States market by late 2023.