Hatch Debuted the ‘Rest 2nd Gen,’ a Simple Sleep Aid for All Ages

‘Hatch,’ the innovative sleep tech company, recently launched the ‘Rest 2nd Gen,’ its latest in simplistic, easy-to-use sleeping aids.

The product was designed from the ground up for newborn babies and young children as a means to promote consistent sleep schedules, healthy sleep patterns, and continual rejuvenation.

However, the device is equally as effective when used by an adult, making it perfect for new parents facing the challenges of raising a new family.

The Rest 2nd Gen is a clock, nightlight, speaker, and smart alarm system all in one. The device emits comforting lights that are designed to foster sleep, or to help sleepers wake up at the proper time by mimicking natural sunlight.

The speaker on the Rest 2nd Gen is used to play ambient sounds, such as the sound of a rainforest or an acoustic campfire.

On top of this, the Ret 2nd Gen mobile app comes equipped with a number of soothing bedtime stories.