The Cheerble ‘KiTiDOT’ Cat Collar Has an Adjustable Design

The Cheerble ‘KiTiDOT’ cat collar is an entertaining accessory for feline owners to keep their furry friend busy for extended periods in an automated way.

The collar features an adjustable design that will fit onto the neck of any short-haired or long-haired cat and is equipped with 45-degree projector. The adjustable projector will display a red laser dot at your choice of distance for up to 30-minutes at a time to quickly tire cats out.

The Cheerble ‘KiTiDOT’ cat collar is crafted with cat-friendly materials and is designed to never allow the wearer to look directly into the projector.

The safety-focused design makes the collar great for pet owners to want to keep their furry companion busy without having to spend extended periods playing with them.