KBO Released a Lightweight E-Bike Titled ‘The Hurricane’

‘KBO’ released a new affordable entry-level e-bike named ‘The Hurricane.’ The Hurricane is a no-frills e-bike that is intuitive to operate and convenient to carry or push.

The bike weighs only 16.3 kilograms while packing a 350-watt motor, which is a notable achievement given the MSRP of The Hurricane is only $1,100 USD.

Aside from the motor, KBO’s latest bike boasts a 9.6 Ah lithium battery pack that is capable of powering the bike for up to 53 miles.

This means the bike can run at its max speed of 15 miles for just over three hours, which is more than enough for most city commutes or leisure-focused activities.

KBO’s The Hurricane e-bike is engineered to be familiar and easy to use by riders of all skill levels. As such, there are nearly no parts on the bike that a manual bike rider would be unaccustomed to.