The TIKTAALIK MIC+ Reduces Noise and Optimizes Captures

The TIKTAALIK MIC+ wireless microphone is a lightweight device for professionals and creatives alike that will support the capture of high-quality audio.

The device works by being positioned onto the neckline of a shirt and will capture 48bps 16-bit hi-fi audio recording thanks to an 8mm condenser mic module within.

The microphone will work diligently to reduce noises during use, which makes it suitable for both home and office use.

The TIKTAALIK MIC+ wireless microphone offers up to 10-hours of use per charge and can be powered to 80% in just 30-minutes. Weighing in at 18-grams, the microphone maintains 20-meters of transmission distance thanks to a strong Bluetooth connection.

The device is paired with an LED indicator to let users know when it’s in use.