The SOFi Cold Cup is the First Biodegradable Cup with Its Own Lid

The SOFi Cold Cup is a plastic-free, bioplastic-free cup that’s designed to naturally decompose within 180 days (in landfills, soil, or marine environments) and it’s the first biodegradable takeaway cup of its kind that eliminates the need for a separate lid. Across the foodservice industry, major players are rethinking their packaging in an attempt to reduce plastic waste and this cup from SOFi Products features four flaps that fold to form a spill-proof lid.

SOFi co-founder Brandon Leeds says, “There are no cups currently on the market that are 100% biodegradable and eliminate the need for a plastic lid. Until now, all cups — even those that say ‘compostable’ — must either be sent to a composting facility or recycled.”

The foldable SOFi Cold Cup naturally pairs well with SOFi Straws to further reduce waste where possible.