The Conceptual ‘AIRSCP’ Electric Train by 2050.LAB is Cutting-Edge

The conceptual ‘AIRSCP’ electric train is a futuristic transportation solution for travelers to enjoy as they journey from one location in another in an immersive, communal manner.

Designed by the 2050.LAB, the train boasts a luxurious form consisting of an aerodynamic body, which is finished on the exterior with panoramic windows in the roof and on the sides. These give passengers a sense of airiness as they travel and allow them to enjoy uninterrupted views of the exterior landscape as they ride. The electric train also features an array of soft surfaces and finishes throughout the main cabin to make to well-suited for comfortable living during long or short journeys.

The conceptual ‘AIRSCP’ electric train is the winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award.