House of Marley Launches New ‘Get Together 2’ Speaker Line

Sustainable audio electronics brand House of Marley has announced the launch of a new line of Bluetooth speakers, which feature an aesthetically-pleasing bamboo construction and fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles.

The line consists of three speakers — the ‘Get Together 2,’ the ‘Get Together 2 Mini,’ and the ‘Get Together 2 XL.’

First up, the Get Together 2 is a medium-sized speaker that features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and 40 watts of power. In addition, it comes with quick charging capabilities and can deliver an impressive 20 hours of audio playback per charge.

Next, the Get Together 2 Mini comes with most of the same features but offers consumers a more compact and portable design. The only difference is that the Mini offers 15 hours of playback rather than 20.