Speedy Eats Develops a Pizza-Topping Robot for Its Automated Restaurants

Speedy Eats, a tech startup specializing in automated drive-thru technology, has teamed up with Picnic Works to develop a first-of-its-kind pizza-topping robot, which will be used in the company’s self-sufficient restaurants.

Speedy Eats restaurants resemble high-tech vending machines that are able to autonomously produce a variety of basic food items, such as pizza and chicken.

Currently, the company has created prototypes of its restaurants, which are designed to be installed in parking lots and other locations. However, the company has to launch the restaurant for public use.

“Speedy Eats is rethinking food production and delivery, and we’re thrilled that they chose Picnic to provide the automated pizza equipment that will help them scale, delight customers, and increase profitability,” said Clayton Wood, CEO of Picnic, in a recent statement.