Foxconn is Creating Electric Farm Tractors with an Advanced AI

‘Foxconn,’ the technology company known for its iPhone and Kindle manufacturing systems, announced that it is working with ‘Monarch Tractors’ to produce electric farm tractors.

These EV tractors will leverage advanced artificial intelligence systems to incorporate self-driving technology. As such, these tractors will improve the overall workflow for workers on many types of farms.

The Foxconn EV tractors can drive for up to 10 hours on a single charge, followed by a five-hour recharging period.

As for the utility of these tractors, Foxconn stated that the electric motor outputs a total of 70 horsepower with its default configuration.

This is enough horsepower to push farming accessories that would normally be attached to a gas-powered tractor, such as harvesters or spreaders.

Monarch Tractors stated that it is working with Foxconn to produce accessories specifically catered to these EV tractors and that the company is “proud to partner with Foxconn and work together to transform the future of farming.”