Nextech AR Launches ‘ARitize Configurator’ For Shopify

Nextech AR Solutions, a leading Canadian metaverse company, has announced the launch of the ‘ARitize Configurator,’ which arrives as an update to the brand’s signature ARitize 3D app offered on Shopify.

The ARitize 3D app is a 3D modeling service that offers merchants that use Shopify a 3D augmented reality solution for displaying their products.

The new ARitize Configurator now gives vendors on e-commerce sites the ability to display several versions of one product using just a single 3D model.

Using the new app, shoppers can now alter elements of a product they are browsing, including its color, texture, materials, and parts, and do so in real-time, based on one already uploaded model.

In addition, users will be able to alter the location where the product is displayed, allowing them to see what it may look like in their home.