The LIPOWER MARS-2000 Offers 1,460Wh of Power

The LIPOWER MARS-2000 portable power station is a low-noise solution for outdoor adventurers and professionals alike to help them stay prepared for any activity.

The power station is equipped with an electric vehicle-grade battery that’s built to last a decade, which is roughly 3,500 cycles. The battery features a 1,460Wh capacity and weighs in at 35.5-pounds with built-in handles that allow for easy carrying.

The unit is equipped with 10 different ports to offer power to a range of devices, equipment and appliances.

The LIPOWER MARS-2000 portable power station is great for outdoor living to power essential equipment and appliances, but is also rated for use with professional tools like power drills.

This accommodates use on job sites where professionals might not have access to dependable electricity.