Dutchie Launches the Dual-Screen ‘Dutchie POS’ System

Cannabis tech company Dutchie has officially launched a new cannabis point of sale system called ‘Dutchie POS.’ The new system will feature a dual-screen terminal that has been purpose-built for dispensaries.

The launch of Dutchie POS comes just a few weeks after the company released its newest payment platform called ‘Dutchie Pay.’ Of course, the two products are interconnected. Together, they offer dispensaries one of the most comprehensive and powerful systems for managing sales. What’s more, Dutchie POS is both merchant and customer-facing. The dual-screen allows budtenders to manage sales and inventory while customers can pay for orders and browse products.

“It’s intuitive and simple enough for SMBs and mid-market retailers but can also flex up to the enterprise level dispensaries and MSOs,” explained Zack Lipson co-founder of Dutchie.