‘SmartEbikes’ Aims to Disrupt the Street Food Industry with Bikes

‘SmartEbikes’ is an Italy-based startup that is aiming to significantly disrupt the street food industry with its sustainable, convenient e-bikes.

The e-bikes will not only provide transportation to street food vendors, but also storage and even electric power.

The bikes feature a built-in photovoltaic sheet panel mounted on the roof that allows for the bike, and several electronics, to be recharged via solar power.

This allows vendors of popular street foods such as frozen desserts, cooked hot dogs, hot or iced coffees, beers, and more, to ensure their inventory is kept at a safe temperature without having to worry about finding an external power source.

At launch, the SmartEbikes will be made-to-order, though mass-market adaptation and mass production are possibilities if the initial response to the bikes is positive.