The Bandit9 ‘Monaco’ Race Car is Aerodynamic

The Bandit9 ‘Monaco’ race car is an aerodynamic vehicle designed with speed and performance in mind for drivers to appreciate on the roadway, racetrack and beyond.

The vehicle features a single-seater design that incorporates manual driving principles to offer more feeling when behind the wheel.

The carbon fiber monocoque highlights a fluid-inspired bodywork on the top, which sits on a platform perfect for providing all the essential electric power needed to speed to the finish line.

The Bandit9 ‘Monaco’ race car is outfitted with the same electric engine as a Tesla Model S with LFP batteries to match.

This helps the vehicle to pump out more than 536-horsepower and 445lb-ft of torque, and a 250-mile range. Drivers can go from zero to 60mph in 2.7-seconds.