Matte Works Release the Solution-01 Watch Collection

Matte Works, a contemporary Hong Kong company that specializes in timepiece designs, debuted a solar-powered watch called the Solution-01.

For the aesthetic, the brand focused on science fiction sensibilities by incorporating “an accurately calculated heliostat pattern” into the design.

Heliostat refers to an apparatus that contains a movable mirror that reflexed sunlight in a fixed direction.

Matte Works incorporated a solar cell under the dial of the solar-powered watch which performs the conversion from light into electrical energy.

This, in turn, is stored in the timepiece’s rechargeable battery.

The Solution-01 collection features a variety of straps materials and colors, to answer the various style preferences of contemporary consumers.

Matte Works has launched the Solution-01 capsule through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The brand was founded in 2021 and it maintains its design focus is “on sustainability and wellness.”