CleanGaurd Provides the Ultimate Clean in Minutes

CleanGuard is a multifunctional ultrasonic cleaner that can clean almost anything. The product cleans anything from clothes, fruits, and contact lenses.

The device was created by Smart Voice, a company specializing in cleaning.

They have over 30k sales in Japan and Taiwan, two of the most strict quality judgers worldwide.

After 24 months of development, CleanGuard is finally here. This new and improved model has upgraded cleaning features making the product way more efficient.

In just three minutes, this device provides the ultimate clean. To use this unique product, you simply place it in a container filled with water and add detergent and dirty items.

The product can remove stains such as blood and oil and removes pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables. This product truly allows you to clean almost anything and is the perfect cleaning device for travel.