The Conceptual ‘Plover’ Travel Toothbrush Has UV Lights

The conceptual ‘Plover’ travel toothbrush has been designed by UGLY.DUCKLING ID as a health-focused take on the oral care accessory for consumers to incorporate into their Dopp kit.

The toothbrush has a two-piece design that includes the head and the body, which can be paired to form a full-sized unit or broken down for storage.

The head of the toothbrush can be positioned into the body to activate the cleaning thanks to a series of UV lights within that will have it ready for use once again in no time.

The conceptual ‘Plover’ travel toothbrush is imagined with a USB-C port for recharging and features removable bristles to enable replacement, when required.

The toothbrush is equipped with a built-in carabiner to allow for placement on a backpack or keychain.