These Kubota Glass Eyeglasses Combat Against Myopia

These Kubota Glass eyeglasses have been designed as a solution for those with myopia AKA nearsightedness to help them combat against the vision issue and potentially even cure it.

The glasses are characterized by their ultra-modern form that is equipped with nano projectors to help a person’s vision return to normal.

The glasses will thus make items close up appear as though they are far away to exercise the eyes and thus reduce the damage that can be done by staring at computer or smartphone screens all day.

The Kubota Glass eyeglasses were tested by the brand who explained, “Projection of a blurred image onto the peripheral part of the retina (myopic defocus stimulation) resulted in a reduction in the axial length of the eye (the length from the cornea to the retina) compared to the target eye — proof of concept has been confirmed.”