‘NFT Plazas’ Announced a Billboard Advertising Platform

‘NFT Plazas,’ the online hub for NFT-related news and discussion, announced a new advertising platform for the metaverse.

This advertising platform will mimic the real-life advertising style of billboards, effectively placing paid-for advertisements in virtual reality that sit stationarily on a virtual billboard in a three-dimensional world.

This is a passive alternative to direct virtual advertising, which often inserts intrusive ads into digital content.

The billboards will, by comparison, be less intrusive, leading to more consumer attractiveness.

It is important to note that NFT Plazas’ metaverse billboard service will not require brands to know about the metaverse or virtual reality advertising.

Desired clients must simply create an advertisement for a two-dimensional plane, such as a poster, and book a certain amount of billboards through the NFT Plazas platform.

These advertisements are paid for at the time of booking based on estimated views and interactions.