EarthPercent & Evolution Music Created a Limited-Edition Bioplastic 12″

EarthPercent partnered with Evolution Music to offer a Limited Edition Bioplastic 12″ vinyl record.

This piece of music history is the first commercially available bioplastic 12″ LP and it features Future If Future by Michael Stipe on Side A and Side B shares Oh My Heart by Beatie Wolfe.

Just 500 copies of the bioplastic record were created using standard record pressing machinery, swapping traditional PVC for a more environmentally friendly alternative. All proceeds from the sold-out record will go to EarthPercent, an organization that helps musicians pledge a portion of their earnings to charities fighting climate change.

This innovation is the result of years of perfecting the polymer base so that it would look and perform just like a traditional vinyl record.

Although collectible, the green record is compostable in the instance that it is ever thrown away.