The Zero-Emissions Electric Vehicle of the Future. A Reality Today.

The most distinctive feature of the FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)—other than the fuel cell itself—is the streamlined layout made possible by its compact and efficient powertrain components.
And make no mistake—the FCX Clarity FCEV is an electric car. The fuel cell combines hydrogen with oxygen to make electricity. The electricity then powers the electric motor, which in turn propels the vehicle. Water is the only byproduct the FCX Clarity FCEV leaves behind.
Roll over the numbered steps to learn about each stage of the process.
1. Hydrogen tank – Stores hydrogen
2. V Flow fuel cell stack – Generates electricity
3. Lithium-ion battery – Stores electricity
4. Power Drive Unit (PDU) – Governs electrical flow
5. Electric drive motor – Propels vehicle

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