Nimbus’ Nimby Towel is Made from Plants & Free from Chemicals

A proprietary folding process makes it possible for Nimbus’ Nimby Expanding Towel to be compressed into a tablet that’s ready to be composted in the backyard after use.

The towels are made with plants and without chemicals and they’re perfect for the purposes of removing makeup or otherwise providing cleansing refreshment on the go.

These expanding towels make the most of FSC-certified eucalyptus, and they’re both biodegradable and hypoallergenic, which means that they serve as more sustainable alternatives to disposable wipes that are made with plastic and come wrapped in plastic.

These reusable eucalyptus-based rayon compressed towels are not just compostable but also anti-microbial and flushable.

At Natural Products Expo East 2022, Nimbus’ Nimby Expanding Towels received the winning spot in the Best New Personal Care or Beauty Product category.