The Conceptual ‘Stem’ Wireless Charger Lamp by Ugly Duckling is Chic

The conceptual ‘Stem’ wireless charger lamp has been designed by Ugly Duckling as a decidedly stylish take on the simple technology product to convey a sense of harmony.

The lamp has a lantern-like design that offers a dedicated spot on the top for wirelessly charging smartphones and other Qi-enabled devices, while the lower section has a lattice-like finish.

This hollow lower section is a dedicated spot for a scented candle to be placed, which will aromatically invigorate the user.

The conceptual ‘Stem’ wireless charger lamp can also be flipped upside-down when not being used for charging a smartphone to offer mood lighting.

The unit is imagined in orange, green and blue color options, and maintains a relatively moody design to encourage tranquility in bedrooms or living rooms.