The ‘Bezier’ 3D-Printed Glasses Frames Perfectly Fit the Face

The ‘Bezier’ 3D-printed glasses frames have been designed by Alfredo Mendez and Fernando Ventura as a customized accessory for those seeking out the perfect eyewear.

The glasses are characterized by their honeycomb construction, which has them change color according to the environment and also enhance their overall strength while reducing weight.

The glasses are achieved by taking a 3D map of the face via a video, which pinpoints all of the necessary adjustments that need to be made for the perfect fit.

The ‘Bezier’ 3D-printed glasses frames are the winner of a Red Dot Design Concept Award and identify what could be done to make essential health products more customized to the user.

The eyewear identifies a future product, but could be technically achieved today.