‘Pexip’ Offers Reliable Services for Remote Workplaces

‘Pexip’ is a secure communications platform targeted toward remote workplace environments.

Pexip offers varying levels of security and storage services with flexible payment plans that can meet the requirements of any workplace, whether a small independent team or a large-scale military or governmental organization.

Pexip allows workers to video call and text chat while having this data securely backed up either on Pexip’s cloud or on a local data storage site of the client’s choosing.

This is an excellent tool for hybrid and remote work environments where employees often discuss, and have access to, confidential information that the company cannot afford to leak. Each employee on the system is validated using an “Identity Provider (IDP)” that ensures only trusted users can access the system. Additionally, the service is reliable, as it is always accessible and does not shut down. The data is also encrypted and protected against security breaches.