The YSMART MQ3 Has a Keychain-Sized Design

The YSMART MQ3 quick-release flashlight is an ultra-compact accessory for everyday carry (EDC) collectors alike to incorporate onto their keychain.

The flashlight features a magnetic design that stays securely affixed onto the keychain ring at all times, but can be removed with a pull to activate the light.

The rechargeable design of the flashlight promises to keep it ready for use at all times without having to deal with replaceable alternatives.

The YSMART MQ3 quick-release flashlight comes in stonewashed titanium and polished titanium models as well as a black matte aluminum option.

The flashlight is capable of creating a strong connection thanks to its built-in magnet that’s rated at 6.6-pounds of pulling force.

This will keep it connected to a keychain without falling off, while also being great for affixing onto metallic surfaces.