GMetriXR is an All-in-One Metaverse Platform for Elderly People

GMetri created a metaverse platform titled ‘GMetriXR.’ This is an extended reality (XR) platform, meaning it blends virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), into one comprehensive service.

GMetri markets its metaverse platform as a solution for many struggles that elderly people in society face today. The platform offers psychological, physical, social, and functional experiences.

The psychological experiences range from educational television to easy-to-perform hobbies in VR, such as virtual gardening or virtual stitching.

The company tailors these experiences for elderly people, offering services such as “Back to the Past,” which takes people on a virtual journey to key places through their history, such as their schools or wedding venues.

The physical experiences include daily workouts, stretches, and simply physical activities that help the user engage their body and encourage activeness. The social experiences prioritize interactions between people in an effort to combat isolation.

This allows for online conversations with holograms of friends or professionals, virtual dinner gatherings with friends, virtual vacations, and more, each targeted toward replicating real-life experiences.

Lastly, the functional experiences offered by GMetriXR leverage the connectedness of the metaverse to help elderly people gain access to daily necessities, such as healthcare services.