LIVALL is Raising Funds for its ‘PikaBoost’ Electric Bike Kit

The ‘PikaBoost’ is an upcoming electric bike conversion kit currently in its crowdfunding phase on Kickstarter.

This device is being created by LIVALL, a micro-mobility technologies company. Perhaps the most notable aspect of the PikaBoost is that it benefits from a tool-free installation.

The device can be easily attached to the bike between the central frame and the rear wheel, where it will rapidly spin to drive the bike.

LIVALL refers to the PikaBoost as having “unlimited battery,” because its 234 Wh battery pack is charged automatically while braking, riding downhill, or pedaling manually.

This means, under certain riding conditions, the battery will never need to be plugged into a wall.

In terms of its performance, the PikaBoost offers three riding modes, each offering a range of pedal assistance and manual pedal input.

The PikaBoost can be purchased online on LIVALL’s Kickstarter page for $299 USD, after the campaign the device will retail for $599 USD.