‘CauliCups’ are the Perfect Solution for Food Packaging Waste in the UK

Cauli, a tech-enabled reusable packaging brand has pioneered the ‘CauliCups’ in order to replace single-use coffee cups and help promote sustainability in the food service industry.

The ‘CauliCups’ are injection molded and constructed entirely of totally recyclable polypropylene, which is produced responsibly in the Czech Republic.

Before being returned to the manufacturers to be recycled into new items, each cup can be used 400 times.

Initial orders for the cups have come from Barts Health, NHS Trust, and a number of banks in Canary Wharf. The company currently produces 10oz and 12oz size cups, with 16oz cups in the works for the future.

The goal of Cauli is to aid in the creation of a circular economy in order to address the 11 billion food packaging waste items produced annually in the UK.