The Biotite HeadLamp 800 Pro Has a 3D SlimFit Band

The Biotite HeadLamp 800 Pro is a powerful piece of lighting equipment for those looking to maintain visibility after dark or in lowly lit environments.

The headlamp features eight lighting settings to choose from with six in the front and two in the back, and offers total control over how the headset will illuminate.

The unit will provide targeted illumination from the front lamp, while the rear has a red hue to enhance visibility from the back.

The Biotite HeadLamp 800 Pro is built with a 3D SlimFit band that won’t bounce when positioned on the head and also allows for pass-through charging thanks to Constant Mode.

This will connect the headset to a power bank via a three-foot cable to ensure it’s always functional even when the battery within is depleted.