The Artiphon ‘Orba 2’ Makes Music Making More Accessible

The Artiphon ‘Orba 2’ is a palm-sized music making device for consumers to utilize when looking for a simple, accessible yet powerful way to create music from anywhere.

The device features a puck-shaped construction accented by a series of touch-based buttons on the top, which can be customized with different sounds.

The unit is built with a new sound engine and features more than 100 new sounds that are based on the feedback from real instruments.

The Artiphon ‘Orba 2’ connects to systems wirelessly to maximize ease of use for musicians and is compact enough to be brought virtually anywhere. The device is priced at $150 and is available today for purchase directly from the brand.

The device provides musicians of all ranges to get started or enhance their craft in a cost-effective way.