The First Solar-Powered Smart Jacket.

Captures the power of the sun to heat you up to 20°F in just two minutes, keeping you warmer longer!

Wrap the sun’s warmth around you with ThermalTech, a groundbreaking jacket that will increase your body temperature up to 20°F in just two minutes using the energy of the sun without adding bulky layers! This is the biggest innovation to hit fashion in years! These amazing jackets will keep you warmer longer allowing you to do the things you love the most in the outdoors.

Never freeze for fashion ever again! ThermalTech jackets are breathable, waterproof and slim down the traditional bulky winter look. Stay toasty warm while you go about your normal outdoor activities such as shopping, walking around town, or running errands. We even have jackets that will keep away jack frost during activities such as hiking, jogging, camping and snowboarding, No matter the activity, our three different jackets have you covered!

ThermalTech fabric is easily embeddable into almost any clothing style and material.

Utilizing patented, lightweight energy absorbing fabric technology, ThermalTech fabric is designed to capture the sun’s ultraviolet rays (as well as energy from artificial light sources) and transform them into heat to warm wearers up to an additional 18F in a matter of minutes.

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