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Vibrating cushion prevents driver from sleeping while driving

Thanko Inc has released the “Vibrating Cushion for Eye-catch Precrash Alarm” to be combined with an external doze warning device sold by the company.

The new product contributes to preventing the driver from falling into a doze with a warning sound from the doze warning device and the vibration of the cushion, the company said. Its price is 12,800 yen.

The cushion can be combined with the “GPS Model of Eye-catch Precrash Alarm” doze warning device (69,800 yen).

With face recognition and pupil detection functions that use infrared light, the device can judge whether the driver is dozing or not based on the state of the eyelids (open or closed) as well as whether the driver is looking aside and gives a warning. It detects the speed of the vehicle by using a GPS, and, depending on the setting, it does not give a warning at low speeds.

Also, the device can be used in conjunction with an automatic vehicle locator (AVL) for use in commercial vehicles such as taxis, trucks and buses.

The warning of the device is Japanese, but it is an imported product from Hao Nai Industrial Co Ltd. Thanko has been selling various models of the doze warning device since 2013 and increasing the number of models on sale by, for example, releasing a model powered from a cigarette lighter port in February 2016

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