TDK develops wireless charger for hearing aids

TDK Corp has developed a wireless charger for healthcare devices including hearing aids and other wearable devices.

The company exhibited a prototype at Medtec Japan 2016 last month at Tokyo Big Sight.

Devices can be charged just by being placed in a power transmission unit that looks like a dish.

It eliminates the need for connectors, enabling to make devices completely waterproof. As a result, healthcare devices such as hearing aids can be, for example, sterilized in boiling water, TDK said.

Wireless charging using electromagnetic induction is used for the charger. TDK developed a very small coil that can be embedded in small, slim devices and made improvements to the coil shape. And multiple devices can be charged anywhere in the dish-like charger regardless of their orientations. The output range of the charger is from less than 1W to 15W.

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