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June is always an opportune time to break with bad habits (as we are approaching summer and half of the year) or at least can be a good month to try something new like a new habit for example … , anyway, among our worst habits are the little things we do to hurt our environment.

If everyone got a smartphone, how about transforming that into a powerful do good “green machine” to our planet and ourselves?

Thinking along those lines, I have created a website to let any iOS’s user to take part in the fight for our environment and build a more eco friendly world right over from their smartphone habits.

The concept is very simple, an eco hub channel for meaningful eco apps that allows iOS users to download those eco apps for free and hopefully, incorporate those same eco apps into their daily habits and make a difference in this planet as a final outcome.

Eco-friendly apps are available for free download for only 24 hours, after that period it goes back to paid mode.

Therefore, if you are looking for eco friendly free apps. No need to spending hours searching The App Store anymore. will deliver that special eco app of the day right into your e-mail (free of charges of course), so for that to happen, you just need to drop your e-mail at our homepage.

Technology may not be a panacea to solve our environment crisis, but eco related apps are helping to drive awareness and foster responsible action. There was a time when eco-apps did little more than provide lists of so-called “green” products and services. Now eco-themed apps have turned mobile devices into portals for environmental education and sustainable action. So, I invite you to try out.

Thank you

Flavio Souza

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