Meet ‘Lilium’ The Electric Plane Vessels for Personal Use

‘Lilium’ is a company that designs personal electric planes that will make our world that much closer to ‘The Jetsons.’ Flying like a plane but using the take-off technology of a helicopter, the ‘Lilium’ is able to fly at 250 mph just using battery power and requires a takeoff space of about 50 by 50 feet.

Currently being tested by the European Space Agency and the Technical University of Munich, this electric plane concept is being designed for use by pilots with as little as 20 hours of training.

Once approved for virtual takeoffs, these personal flying machines will be controlled through a computer with a joystick, touchscreen and expansive views. In addition, the planes will be substantially quieter than helicopters thanks to their ducted engines. Although the project has a long way to go in terms of certifications and final touches, the ‘Lilium’ is an exciting advancement in technology and transportation.

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