The Twin Elevators

ThyssenKrupp is set to change the face of vertical transport with its new Twin elevators. One of the reasons that skyscrapers can only be built to certain heights is because elevators are not equipped to service such tall buildings. Now ThyssenKrupp has developed a potential solution to this problem by attaching two elevator cars to a single shaft.

Unlike a single-car elevator shaft, ThyssenKrupp’s Twin elevators feature two cars sharing just one shaft. These cars also share other equipment such as the hoistway, guide rails and landing doors. In total, the new elevators can move 40 percent more passengers than a normal elevator. Not only does this save on energy, but it also means that passengers do not have to wait as long for the elevator to arrive.

While the new elevator technology has been around for some time, the system is set to make its official debut in 2018.

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