Hitachi’s AI alliance with Kyoto University

Hitachi has teamed with Kyoto University to research artificial intelligence technologies, aiming to develop AI that incorporates lessons from biology, the company said Thursday.

The Hitachi Kyoto University Laboratory will operate at the university with eight resident scientists sent from the Japanese company.

One theme will involve developing AI to ease traffic congestion in the era of self-driving cars, based on the mechanism by which schools of fish cooperate to move in unison. Research also will cover AI to optimize guidance through mutual interactions, based on the division of labor seen in groups of gorillas, where each animal has a different role.

The lab also will propose solutions to problems that society is expected to face in 2050.

The Japanese electronics giant has established similar cooperative labs with the University of Tokyo and Hokkaido University to conduct R&D geared toward resolving societal issues.

These represent the first extensive alliances that Hitachi has forged with universities in 13 years. Back then, Hitachi teamed with 12 schools and helped develop things such as cancer therapy equipment and battery materials.

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