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The world first smartphone cooler that can also be used as a charger.

Sanwa Direct, an online shop of Sanwa Supply Inc., has developed the industry’s first smartphone cooler that can also be used as a charger.

The company is currently accepting pre-orders for the cooler and it will start to ship the product in mid-July.

The new product, the 400-CLN023, is equipped with a seven-blade cooling fan that rotates at a speed of 4,000 rpm to cool the smartphone. It can prevent thermal leaks when a phone is continuously used for long hours or with a high load.

Powered by an embedded 1,000mAh lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery, it can rotate the fan for about five hours when fully charged. It has a USB-A port and the battery can be used for charging.

When the cooler is held by hand, it’s possible that the ventilation hole may be blocked. Therefore, there is a support on the back side of the cooler so that it can stand. It can also send air to the hottest area by changing the position of a smartphone.

The cooler can hold a smartphone with a width of 53-95mm and a thickness of 15mm or less. It measures 61 x 41 x 118mm and weighs 99g. The product is sold only on the online shop. Its price is ¥3,980.

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