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Bamboo speakers let you to listen to music without using any extra electricity

Japanese band Ajate is an interesting mix of avant-garde and traditional, performing unique, rhythmical music with instruments made of bamboo.

However, Ajate isn’t just using the fast-growing plant to produce music, but also to produce ways to listen to it.

The Bambuson is a music-amplification device made from a length of hollowed-out bamboo. While it can’t generate the decibel-levels of electronic speakers, it will boost your smartphone’s audio output without causing the tinny effect you get from jacking the phone’s volume up as high as it can go. Oh, and being all-organic, the Bambuson will do it without consuming any electricity.

Each unit is hand-made, and no two Bamsuon’s look exactly alike. All of them have the soft, smooth texture and soothing hue of bamboo, though, making them an easy fit with the interior design of homes that aren’t bursting at the seams with gadgetry.

Prices vary by individual piece, but generally hover around 6,800 yen. Shorter examples, though, can be had for as little as just 2,000 yen.

The all-natural nature of the Bambuson makes large-scale production difficult, but a list of currently available models, with links to their respective online retailers, can be found on the product’s official website.

Via JapanToday

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