3.1kW New Wind Turbine Looks Like a Tree

Wind turbines that look like trees. What an innovative and clever idea. It’s not often we see technology that could change the world, though it is becoming more common as technologies advance and people share more information on new design and tech. This wind turbine combine the elegance of nature finest evolutionary energy and gas converters (namely trees) and has created a beautifully simple way to generate electricity while also getting rid of the common aesthetically unpleasing 3 bladed wind turbines that dot the landscape and windy fields of the world.

New Wind, a research and development company in France, has developed this new technology based on the look and feel of a tree. The unobtrusive design is actually pleasing to look at, is reported to be silent, and operates in low wind unlike most wind turbines, and this has the added effect of increasing overall efficiency and power output.

The Wind Tree is 36 feet tall and is equipped with 72 artificial leaves which are micro turbines which spin silently on their hubs generating 3100 watts of electricity total.

The Wind tree is designed by Jérôme Michaud-Larivière, an entrepreneur who while sitting in a park one day looking up as the trees noticed the leaves rustling in the breeze and wondered if he could design a wind turbine in the shape of a tree to capture the energy from the wind. I think he did a wonderful job in an amazingly beautiful way.

We can envision city parks and suburban homes with hundreds of thousands of these wind turbines. A myriad wind tree forests silently and elegantly producing energy for millions.

This would have to be, to date, the most elegantly designed wind turbine we have yet to see.

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