Toyota new car: Setsuna is made entirely of wood

Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, has revealed a brand new ride. But this contraption looks more like a toy car than a fully functioning vehicle.

The Toyota Setsuna is a concept vehicle crafted entirely of wood.
The two-seater is due for an official reveal at Milan Design Week next Tuesday, but with a mere 28 mph capacity for speed, the car is designed more so as a symbolic gesture rather than for use on the road.

Described by Toyota as an “heirloom crafted in wood,” the Setsuna represents a timeless family car.

When we created Setsuna, we envisaged a family pouring its love into it over generations, so that the car gains an irreplaceable value,” Toyota said in a statement.
Wood was chosen as the primary material for the car’s body.
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“As time passes, wood changes in color — the physical changes in its wooden bodywork reflect the bond it has built with its owners and their shared experiences.”
The dashboard also features a clock that records the number of years (up to a hundred) that it has been with a particular family.

The body of the car is made of 86 handmade wooden panels, each of which are joined together using traditional Japanese interlocking techniques known as okuriari and kusabi.

The car is built using 86 wooden panels.

This method allows for panels to be fitted without nails, so that when it undergoes a routine maintenance check, single panels can be removed and replaced without requiring a full overhaul.

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