The Ultimate Mobile Aid

There are certain situations that can leave a person in a very difficult situation, involving technology. Two of the most annoying, in an ever connected world, is needing a storage solution with none available and having a smartphone or tablet go dead with no way to charge them. We came up with an ingenious solution, the Xpress-PRO™ that helps users to manage data and to stay connected with full power all the time. It is an ultimate mobile assistant to save time and to promote maximum convenience.

A single compact device could perform better than multiple devices put together.

Xpress-PRO™ helps to manage your device better with the content you need to store and share. Now you can easily and securely store all your data such as documents, music, photos, videos, and all other creations and share between your digital devices or on social media or email. With built-in high transfer efficiency Li-polymer battery, it assists your devices urgently with full charging capacity, and it extends the battery life up to 18 hours of a mixed of usage (including talk, internet, standby) with the brightness set to 50%.

Xpress-PRO™ is roughly the size of a credit card and is made of high-strength aluminum alloy chosen for its long-lasting durability. With a memory capacity of up to 256GB, it assures that no data gets lost and charges your devices faster via Lightning or Micro-USB connections. One device is “good enough” to replace separate hard drive, charging battery, and cables.

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